Employer of the Year

This award recognises the business that has shown pre-eminent commitment to the development and welfare of its people, by encouraging communication, creativity and proactivity throughout the organisation. The winner will be able to show appreciation, genuine commitment to, and trust in, its people leading to success in business, as well as a fulfilling and stimulating working environment. 

An award for a business (or individual person- must be an employer) that has great staff relations, good staff retention with excellent training and who cares for their employees. The best companies to work for!

The judges will look for evidence and testimonials that confirm all of the above.

  • Provide at least 2-3 testimonials from members of staff which support the training they have received and or talk about team building projects they have been a part of which has supported their place within the business.
  • GIve an overview of the training and support that you give your staff members and how this has benefited your company. This can include all job training and extra curricular activities i.e Sports teams/ mental health support.